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Organic Lemongrass Wreath

Brew yourself something special everyday

TISANÉ – a herbal infused hot drink.

Brew yourself a relaxing cup of caffeine-free Tisané. An aromatic and soothing experience in every sip.

Each Wreath is handcrafted by our artisans and it is made using organic fresh lemongrass grown and handpicked from our farm. The wreath is sun-dried and the essence is maintained due to the natural process. A patented design to decompose all by itself in your compost bin. Just dip it like a tea bag and let it brew for just 5-8 min.

Enjoy a spa like feeling in the comfort of your home.

CocoMocha Scrub

Give your skin the attention it craves

Skin is the largest organ in your body.

One whiff and you will fall in love with this mocha-licious scrub. What’s not to love about coffee?!

This will leave you free of dead-skin and smelling great. The beauty of this scrub is all the oils help moisturise your skin and the skin remains soft and replenished instantly after the scrubbing effect. The pores absorb all the needed goodness before you get out of the shower.

Skin health is as important as any other.


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