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Love in everything..

A lot of emphasis is given to finding the true love, keeping that love alive and what true love feels like.If you truly love you already know that Love is not a just a feeling, it is a power. It is a power because love can make people do things they would not do otherwise. By calling love a feeling we are really confining its powers to its emotional boundaries, and not experiencing its true power. Any act done with love will only bring great results.

Loving something with all your heart makes you insouciant about getting something in return. I take inspiration from Nature, “Has it ever demanded anything of us in return for whatever it offers to the human beings?”. Nature is always giving its dues with all its love.

You gave someone chocolates and did not even get a thank you for that. You felt bad? Then that’s not love. It did sound melodramatic at first but when you love you don’t look for things in return, you do it for love.

Yes, hence relationships don’t workout many a times I guess. People have expectations and when its not fulfilled they make themselves believe there isn’t any love. Love isn’t some deal, based on conditions applied and expectations fulfilled. So rise above this fairy-tale idea of love. Love is not a guarantee card for happily-ever-after. Love is when you fight for someone or something in any situation and through any emotion, be it anger, sadness, joy or happiness.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.29.43 AM.pngWe can sometimes forget that we loved something or someone. It fades away. May be we’ve experienced something we could love more. Or may be we feel the next thing is going to make us love so much that we will turn out to be better people. Love makes us want to be better people.

Most important, its said a lot, if you cannot love yourself you cannot love others. If you’re the source of the love only then can you share it with others. If you are not in a positive state of mind then its not possible to transfer any positive energy. You need to understand things about yourself, like what makes you happy, what gives you a positive outlook of mind, what would you like to do to become a source of happiness. Yes, its important to be alert about your reactions to things and keep doing things that make you a positive person. You can then pass on that vibe to people you meet. If someone loves to cook, but is constantly thinking about his wife’s sickness and the quarrels at his house, he will not be able to cook his best dishes with the same love.

Love Bourneville, Love birds, Love parents, love children, love stories, love rain and trees… love beaches, love nature, love chaat , love fruits, love friends, love music and love everything around you and you will never get short of love.

Love is not blind; we are but blind to love. Love is all around us. Every single thing in this world can be loved. As I saw the rain pour down on my outstretched palm, no it was not the first time it was raining or I wasn’t seeing it for the first time, but I knew that feeling made me love it. I know not if some Supreme Power exists, but I know that there is a force that loves you and me more than anything. As we see glimpses of this force we get a sense of hope and faith. That force is love, the power that can be shared with anyone.


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