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Resolution time! Don’t beat yourself!

Why do we need landmarks, like a new year resolution, a Monday to change our weekly goals, a festival to clean out a messy house, new beginnings and those sort of things?

The concept of time was invented by humans; if we were crows we might not realise it’s 2015 ,December or any other date. We’d know it’s cold though. Why are we always depending on some targeted time for things to start and end? Just be like crows wake up, with the sun and do whatever you have to till sundown to survive and then go to bed with sun down. Simple.


No! We are evolved creatures, to all the people who say new year resolutions are not a good idea. Why do you think our grandfather invented that clock, to help us make the best use of every moment till the next one came along. The digital time on our smart phones also serves the same purpose.

So any resolution—could be birthday or new year, monthly resolution, helps in achieving something till the next achieving moment arrives. Reminds you of how much time has passed and how much is left to bear the burden of this resolution.

Yes, me and you have been making burdensome resolutions! The problem is not in making a resolution but the resolution itself.

I’m guilty of making crappy new year resolutions too, which I already know I’m not sticking to and I hate the idea of it, but for a week or 2 it gives me some kind of a mental occupation.

No one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.”  Suze Orman

I realised making resolutions should be more fun and not just work. Like it could be the ‘100daysofhappiness’ that was doing rounds on social media a while back. It was something very open ended and what anyone would want to stick to. It needn’t be crowding the Internet everyday but as long as you counted it, it’s making a difference.

No one said save Rs 25 a day for a year! Or watch a Ted talk everyday for a year! I would love to try that! Whatever you like can also help you grow, doesn’t have to be disciplinary and boring.


Taking up a resolution needs a lot of guts because if you don’t keep up with it, you basically take yourself so lightly. So if you know you’re not going to do something like no-coffee-for-a-year, what sense does it make to beat yourself up? Might as well  go for a month, like a monthly resolution and decide hence forth.

Decide the time frame smaller if the resolution is really a burden. If you know you can stick to it for longer then go for it and challenge yourself to extend it further! So it’s time to prepare for some serious fun in the coming year, let’s play smart and make sensible choices in making our resolutions which we can enjoy while we’re at it. To many more New Years and good times! May we learn to enjoy living life.

A different side to the coin –

To each their own! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Resolution time! Don’t beat yourself!

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