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All In A Toothbrush

My life is moving fast,

So is yours my friend.

From the toothbrush at dawn

To the toothbrush at bed,

I’m thinking, and my brain is running;

Running at the speed of lightning.

Can you see the sparks?

My heart is racing with time,

90 beats per min, now a 100.

And all the food that my tummy tastes,

My muscles have consumed.

I feel things at the drop of words

And they send a whirlwind up my mind.

Physically; emotionally; mentally;

Every second down to my soul,


And suddenly, thud! A rock bottom;

An iceberg in my life.

Yes, I’m still very much alive,

And I’m drained. I need my friend

To kick my rear with her spiky shoe,

Startling my worries away;

Jolting up to a new dawn,

A new toothbrush to bed.

I’m in and out this circle of life.

Everyday I am,

Physically, emotionally and mentally

Balancing my walk on a tight rope.

Exhilarated and toiling at the same time.


Its perspective I learn, like a compass

That sails your journey of life.

Like a coin with many sides, call it a die.

We can be stubborn, angry,

Screaming at our neighbors, complaining,

Arguing, or doing worse to a friend;

Or: we can breathe in some light,

Spread the confetti called love,

Look at the sun, wear those shades,

Carry that smile bright

And meet humans we call strangers like friends.

Now every morn when I’ve brushed my teeth,

A look at my brush and I know I’ve done enough

To keep me ALIVE. It’s just the smile,

It’s just the outlook of my mind.

Your perspective will sail you ahead

And bring you back to your toothbrush,

With a smile you’ll go back to bed.



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  1. Yo super!!!
    So true

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