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Hide and Seek

Hide And Seek’ ..A poetry piece on— ‘how I met my sly cat?’

Hiding in plain sight,
Was this sly little cat—

A voice in my head hissing;
“You’re lost and I’m here to find you 
I’m here, look at me
You’re looking for me and that’s all you need.”
I stop in the middle of the day,
as I hear all this in a muffled voice; 
Almost unrecognisable those words.
Just a soft empty sound that stays-
In the middle of my coffee break;
In the traffic, amongst loud honking; 
While watching my dog breathing. 
It’s there with me this presence of a peace,
A sort of feeling like being watched. 
It’s not the creepy-being-watched; 
No! No! Not even stalker alert!
It’s just a sense of warmth and a sense of relief. 
I feel home in the middle of the day,
Sitting in this room and this bed I call mine
I suddenly get this urge to let time just float away and watch it still.

Hiding in plain slight
Was this Sly cat—

Every time I went looking for it
And tried to grab it;
Slipping away like sand the soft fur
Leaving behind empty spaces,
Empty minds, for noise to fill in. 
Will can put up a fistful fight,
And force is just vain;
It stealthily settles next to your back 
Just when you’re not desperately looking. 
I tried and tried and failed; 
Failed at giving it a permanent space.
I just wanted it to feel home, in me;
But it had his own ways,
His own ways of making his presence felt;
His own ways of being. 
So I began to meditate.

Hiding in plain sight
Was my sly little cat— 
Well he’s my pet now 
And I call him peace.

Hide and Seek

31st December, 2019

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