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Map It

A while back the idea of having a new year resolution didn’t make sense to me. I have shared the idea of having monthly goals and weekly goals that you can keep up with. Not wait for new year to start or a Monday to start something new. Also it didn’t have to be too serious, we could definitely make it fun. What if you did want to achieve something important and get results? Result is the key word that runs behind you like trouble. Everyone is looking for results and resolutions don’t give you results. Resolution is a decision you make and decision is not an action; only actions can give you results.

Decisions are a stand you are set to take. You do need a plan to start acting on your decisions. If you set out on a marathon, you always have a plan and your training that gets you through. When you cook something, you generally follow a good recipe and have the necessary tools and ingredients to make it. When you construct a building, you have an architectural drawing and the team of contractors ready to put it in action and bring it to reality. Anything that needs to be created comes from a thought and it needs to have a direction. There has to be action in that direction, consistently as planned. 

Seems like work? That’s what results are made of: work. Resolutions are not a quick fix solution; they are just the vision which tells you where you’ve decided to go. Now you need to set the navigation map to the destination and find out the route. Follow the route and get to your destination. You consider the time, the mode of travel, distance and other factors like traffic. You need that plan if you’re deciding to do something. 

The bigger the resolution the more the planning and team support would be needed. You cannot go alone into something that is not a one man’s show. Make sure you know what you’re doing and if not get the help. I see many people follow social media health experts and buy fancy teas to lose weight. If you are looking at getting fit, design the blueprint; talk to your family and friends about helping you through it; get more aware about the journey and get hold of expert opinions to give you the best and smoothest route to your destination. All this will give you the confidence to see it come through. It won’t look like work if you’ve planned well. Executing a good plan is always more fun than work and the idea is to have fun.

Sometimes the map could get you to stuck on roads under construction or a sudden accident which is unforeseen. An injury could get you stranded on your fitness journey; heavy rains could stop the construction work; a relative’s health going bad could get you held up and miss out important meetings. All this but you don’t give up on reaching the destination right? If you are on a road trip would you turn the car and go back if you had a flat tire? Or fix it and have a lay over if needed but get there nonetheless. We are eager to continue on the plan and reach the destination. 

Here comes the reality check. If you turned your car and went back home, you never intended to get the results in the first place. So please make resolutions only for which you care about and the results you are desperate to get. If it is a casual feeling and not having the result doesn’t really matter—then that’s just an influenced resolution. What is it you authentically want? — only gets clear when you get down to planning for it. So have a plan don’t depend just on “Sheer Dumb Luck”.

The real reason people fail their resolutions and goals, even if it matters, is they don’t plan for it. Make planning more fun: have planners, monthly lists, weekly checklist, daily to do list and reminders, post its, mental affirmations. My Physics teacher, Mrs. Christine Peter always encouraged us to doodle all over our text books. I realized the importance of it now. Visual memory: you’ll not have to keep looking back, you’ll remember it like you’ve mapped it. So draw, colour and scribble all over your to-do list and planners. Personalize your plans, intensely love the planning phase and the execution will be a cakewalk. Have fun planning: have your cake and eat it too.

Watch the below videos for further assistance in getting that Goal achieved! Must watch and have fun while you’re at it.