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Postura #januaryobsession

How often do we think about our posture on a daily basis? It was not a New Year resolution and I was just learning more about how to work on my fitness level. ‘Posture’ immediately takes me back to the picture in my school textbook of a boy balancing a notebook while he sits and stands.

I asked myself if I was missing out anything when it came to posture. I have had a bad neck on and off and I keep blaming it on my workout. I have a tendency to shrug my shoulders when I’m doing any workout, so may be I hadn’t really noticed how I sit and walk around. Which lead me to focus a bit on this topic.

I did some extensive reading and found out a few things about how I had constantly engaged my shoulders, walked with feet flopping out a little, didn’t stand enough compared to how many hours I sit and my postures on a daily life wasn’t the best. I happened to visit Dr. Prathap a Chiropractor at my gym who also gave me a few tips on how to sit when I’m at work and how sitting for 6 hours would nullify the effect of my 1 hours workout. All this and I knew some changes had to be made.

Not like the next morning I was up and about all fixed and aligned. I was catching myself slouching, straining my neck too while using my phone, lying on the bed and reading books, slowly melting on the couch while watching TV. The worst was I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, to get back to sitting, moving and doing things how we are naturally meant to do as humans. Mostly I saw a pattern with technology and external factors that were making my body tense up and accept an unusual posture as comfortable, my body got accustomed to such an extent that it almost felt normal to my body. Firstly I had to notice my movements and separate right from wrong as much as possible. So this was the painful stage.


Using too much of my phone and laptop were causing a bad posture most of the times, switching from facebook to instagram and then to whatsapp. I decided to delete all the apps on my phone for more than a month and I was able to notice myself and it became easier to correct myself. This was definitely a great experience and everyone should try a digital detox once in a while its totally worth it, at your own risk as your people really need to be understanding for you to do this.

I had a problem with my toes turning out when I stand and understood how I can improve it through one of these articles. (1,2)

How things affect you emotionally also influences your posture and this was news to me. Overtime whenever I came around an authoritative figure or I wasn’t feeling too buzzed I’d notice my shoulders were already drooping like whole body language was showing what I felt.

It’s been almost a month and it still doesn’t feel easy to maintain the right posture, and I’m catching myself every time I’m faltering. It is not permanent yet but my neck pain isn’t there anymore.

To make it come naturally and make it permanent I will have to change the furniture (chairs) and pillows I’m using. So instead of slouching on the bed I use the dining table if I have to read something for now.

If I can spread this message to all the young people out there who are learning to live with wrong postures, please correct yourselves before its too late and not so easy to unlearn and before it causes any injuries to your body. Good habits are easily lost and so hard to get back and this ones just one of those.

My take back from this January’s obsession turning into a lifestyle change is being active and half the problem is solved.

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How to get started #getfit

How do you get started? Getting straight to the point:


  •  Have a Goal

Ask yourself ‘why do you want to get fit?’ Make it as detailed as possible. List down all the reasons (even if it is peer pressure) that are forcing you to work towards fitness. Without a GOAL you will not have a purpose and you may lose the interest.FullSizeRender-7

  • Join a fitness club or gym

If you’re enrolled in a gym or club, you know you’ve paid for it and you will mostly stick to going there. Seeing many people heading in the same direction will also motivate you to keep up with your goal. The environment will set the tone for your fitness goal. Talk to the instructors and get to know more about what you should be doing, ask questions to understand more.

  • See a Nutritionist

I used to always feel like I can read up and not visit a nutritionist but I feel if you’re starting up its best to meet a professional at least for a one time session to get an idea about the food you need and don’t for your body. It’s important to understand that a nutritionist can gauge your current situation and give you the exact information you need to get started.

  • Watch a few Movies, Videos and Read books

Watching a few sports related, fitness related and needn’t be all serious but just watch a few movies and videos to help you get an idea what your in for. There is so much information on the web so tap on it.

  • Review your GOAL

Time to have a real Goal. Once the above is in motion we know a little bit more about what we really want so if we review our goal we can make it much easier to fix on it. We may have met people at the gym who have many other goals and may have given us ideas, the nutritionist may have changed our minds about what we want, all of which needs to be considered. You can have short term and long-term goals based on everything learnt.

  • Gear up

Every workout is different and we need to understand the basic requirements- SHOES! It’s not really important to spend in every gear available and get it all, but as it goes we can invest a little every now and then, which also is a huge motivation to workout. So start of with a really good pair of shoes, without which you will face injuries.

  • Plan your day

Before you go to bed just take 10 minutes to think what you’re going to do tomorrow at the gym, how you’ll fit it in your schedule and if you need to prep and list any food, which meal you’ll need to have to take with you to work to avoid eating out. It’s a whole lot of things to think about but if you just give 10 minutes it will make a huge difference. Also a friend of mine suggested me to watch a lot of videos before you sleep so you can’t wait to get started the next day- totally worked for me!FullSizeRender-8

  • Sleep

Probably work hours don’t allow you, other responsibilities come in the way, family time eats away sleep time, the TV plays a huge role in life post bed time, you need to catch up on some friends. Whatever the reason is please keep in mind a good 6-7 hours sleep is a priority for any human being. If you’re cutting corners on sleep you can forget about because physically your body isn’t designed to allow that kind of cheat. I put a ‘Go To Sleep’ alarm on my phone 7 and a half hours prior to my wake up time, so I know I have half an hour more to do what I have to- so finish whatever is priority.

  • Think of your goal as you wake up

As you wake up think of what your goal was and GO FOR IT!



I know all this seems like too much but once you get on with it, it’s like a part of the routine. If you fall back anytime due to any reason, get back, as long as you get back to the routine every time nothing will stop you from achieving whatever you have in mind.

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Fitspiration Much?

Do you find yourself in need of someone to tell you to be active, to stop giving-in to your cravings, remind you to have enough water, push you to workout and basically get fit?

To get FIT all you need to do is look around and take inspiration. Trust me I do it like a continuous process, doesn’t have to be your favourite movie start getting fit, just look out at your gym, at work, friends and people in your lives, there is “fitspiration” all around you. Just hunt them down and interrogate how they got fit! This is what I got:

  1. What is fitness to you in one word?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.24.32 AM


  1. Who is your fitness inspiration?

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.16.43 PM

  1. What is your fitness mantra?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.35.54 AM


  1. How many years have you consciously been into fitness?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.40.23 AM


  1. How do you make time for it?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.38.18 AM

  1. What food is a complete no no!?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.42.36 AM

  1. How much water do you drink in a day?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.58.23 AM

  2. Are injuries unavoidable? Have you got any and how did you cope with it?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.48.51 AM

  3. What is your current goal for your fitness journey?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.53.30 AM

  1. Is it okay for women to have muscles?

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.42.25 AM

If so many people from different walks of life can make fitness a priority in their lives, it shouldn’t be impossible for us and everyone should take inspiration and make efforts to become fit.


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How Crossfit is making a difference in my life! #statusupdates

What is strength? For me strength isn’t just physical, it’s also a mind game. I learnt this in one of my morning classes with Crossfit Coach Sudeep at The Tribe Fitness Club, learning back squats. He said, “It’s how you approach the bar.” So what I am thinking makes me achieve it or not. At first I thought, ‘Sounds cliche but let’s do it anyways’. It really works if you do it. If you believe in something only then will you get the result. Stop doubting yourself first, you will give space for it to happen! #psychometricyeah  #knowledgesharing #amazingstuff #crossfit #awesomecoach #ican

So I have come to this comfort stage with the way my body looks and it’s okay that I don’t have a thigh gap and I don’t have a six pack yet! It’s okay I don’t look super duper cut because what matters to me now is how fit I feel and how well I can perform with this amazing physical phenomena of a body. I’ve started appreciating how hard it works every time I squeeze in an extra rep or its challenged. There is so much a human body can do that making ‘looks’ an important factor is like demeaning it’s awesome functionality. You need to get your priorities right if you’re going to the gym to get a good looking body, it’s not just aesthetics, because if you look good and you can’t lift a bucket of water, it’s no good. Crossfit is a lot more psychological like my coach says, and it makes so much sense week after week as I realize the way my body is improving functionally! Looking good is just the cherry on the top! #crossfit #lovecrossfit #mymeditation #psychometricyeah

So there was this teacher in my school who said, ‘ I don’t do things half heartedly’, ‘I put my heart and soul into whatever I do and I make sure everyone in my team do that too.’ Mrs James. It’s something that I’ve totally imbibed in my life. Thank you. Crossfit really made me ask myself, ‘If you’re not giving your 100% out there, why are you there?’ just ask yourself! It’s made a whole lot of a difference in my life. I use it in every aspect of my life now, give my best and there will always be something new to learn. #learner #Crossfit #inspired


There have been days where we have 150 wall ball shots for time/ or 100 burpees for time for the WOD. It is daunting and mentally challenging to do numbers like that. But it has taught me to persevere and the voice in my head has now been trained to tell me ‘It’s just a few more you can do it’. I am more than thankful to Crossfit to be able to imbibe this quality in my life. I have been a person who gives up before finishing things in most of my endeavors. Things have turned around ever since I’ve done big WODs and I really owe it to this sport. #Crossfit #mentaltraining #physicalisauxilliary #perseverance


3 rounds for time (cap 15 min)
500m row
21 KB swings
12 pull ups

(Looking easy eh? Wait till you’re done with round 1. It’s a killer this girl.)

I must say over confidence can sometimes get you to miscalculate your plan, rather make you think you don’t need a plan. But you do, you always need a plan. I gave all on my first round of rowing and had no breath left for anything else, legs sore I was just dragging myself to finish the rest of the WOD. I am a planner in general but I just saw what over confidence can do to me. Lesson learnt. Thankyou Crossfit, and Helen I was hating you but Thanks for teaching me today.


I’ve registered for The 2016 Open and it’s the 2nd week. I have 3 take backs already from this,

1st the Open is not really about competing out there, it’s still a competition with yourself. It’s still learning wether you win or lose or stand or fall or scale or Rx. It’s still learning. 2nd treat every WOD on an everyday like an Open WOD, give it your everything like how you give it now.

3rd Don’t shy away from anything that you can achieve, the consequence is a waste of being there in the first place and all your hard work of the entire year not showing up when called for. Ask for help and do what you have to, to give your best.



Out of all the crazy things I do to find myself, this has been one which was worth it. After 5 gruelling, challenging and insane workouts. I now know how much I can push myself beyond where I think where my limits are and it feels more than happy to have had this experience. #crossfitprimero #thetribefitnessclub #crossfitopen2016 #crossfitter #feelinggood #notabouttheleaderboard #justgivingmeselfbelief
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*The above post will be updated as and when.. do keep up!If you’re really interested and want to know more about Crossfit may be read the following article for a beginner:

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